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Vita Sentation

Experts in recovery

VITA Sentation facilitates a recovery moment at work and in sports in an accessible way. Our concepts have become true must-haves.

Facilitating recovery is a powerful support for the vitality and sustainable employability of employees.

Our relaxation concepts have been developed in-house in collaboration with physiotherapists and other experts and are produced in the Netherlands.

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Relax faster and deeper

FPS relaxation technology

VITA Sentation chairs are equipped with FPS, an innovative relaxation technology based on low-frequency sound waves. Completely concealed in the interior of the chair, invisible, virtually inaudible, but tangible and effective.

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Relaxation on the waves of sound for physical and mental recovery.

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Tailor made solutions

Recovery at work and in sports

It is essential to be rested, vitally strong and energetic to perform well. Whether it concerns employees in the office, in shifts, in healthcare or (top) athletes. Everyone needs recovery, but the best and fastest way to recover differs.

Recovery is the most soothing part of your job.

Sufficient recovery time at work ensures that fatigue and stress do not build up too much. A short rest period contributes to a healthy balance between effort and recovery. It improves the mental and physical well-being of employees. VITA Sentation creates the physical rest environment needed to facilitate short-term recovery at work for every employee.

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Fit at night

They consciously opted for a professional approach with tailor-made solutions for night shift problems.

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