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Power nap chairs with FPS technology

At work  

Relax in a peaceful work environment. A short recovery moment in a VITA Sentation power nap chair will boost your energy level and concentration, improves your productivity and makes you more alert.

The FPS technique offers different programs for recovery, such as powernap, general relaxation and activation.

Travelling or at home

Ever felt tired while being in transit or when you come home after an exhausting trip? Regain your energy and reduce the negative impact of a jetlag or excessive stress.

The low-frequency sound waves of the FPS technique affect the natural relaxation and recovery mechanisms, helping you to relax deeper, sleep better and recover fast.

After excercise

For athletes relaxation and recovery are of most importance. Good recovery after heavy exercise is needed in order to delivery the highest performances. The most common recovery is a power nap, the VITA Sentation power nap chairs are popular in top sport.

The FPS technology is very effective in supporting physical recovery.

A power nap improves your performance

Work stress is a serious threat to sustainable employability. Protracted stress can lead to overload, lack of productivity, dropout and burn-out. Stress adversely affects the wellbeing of people, and the costs for employers and society are high.

Relaxation of body and mind are most important. When we are more relaxed, we make better decisions, we see the big picture more clearly and we experience less stress. Relaxing or taking a power nap at work increases productivity. Someone who takes a power nap regularly is mentally and physically stronger, works more efficient and feels more energetic throughout the day.

Unique power nap chairs

The power nap chairs offer relaxation and recovery. The chairs have a perfect power nap position, also called the heart balance position. A recovery moment in a VITA Sentation chair will boost your energy levels, improve your productivity, your concentration and make you more alert. The chairs feature high quality leather with a choice of over 50 different colours. The Powernap chairs are solid, hygienic in use and are low maintenance.

The two popular models are the LUXURY and the LOUNGER.

Relaxing sound waves

FPS technology is based on lowfrequency sound waves. This special technique has a calming effect on the human body, the autonomic nervous system, and the mind. The lowfrequency vibrations affect the natural relaxation and recovery mechanisms, helping to relax deeper, sleep better and recover quicker.

The technique is fully integrated inside the VITA Sentation powernap chair. It is invisible and almost inaudible, but the positive effects of the soft sound waves are very effective.

FPS technology does offer real benefits. The VITA Sentation power nap chairs are available with or without FPS technology.

Sustainable employability

Fit at night in healthcare 

Experts warn that night workers are being overburdened by heavy workloads. Too many end up exhausted because they have long, busy, stressful shifts, often with little chance to grab a break. Having a power nap is a great intervention to address the high level of stress and fatigue.

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Fit at night in the industry

Many industries rely heavily on shift work, and millions of people work in jobs that require shift schedules. Unfortunately, individuals who work shift patterns, especially at night, have a higher risk of developing heath problems due to circadian rhythm disruption.

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Fit during the day

The health and productivity benefits of a power nap at work are huge. It’s no secret that excessive stress, heavy work loads and sleep deprivation affects the performance in the workplace. Facilitate naps at work and boost the productivity and improve the physical and mental health of your employees.

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