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Vitality and sustainability of healthcare workers

Sustainable employability of healthcare employees must stand high on the agenda. Fortunately the number of COVID patients in ICU’s is currently decreasing and hopefully the worst may be over but the regular patient care is slowly starting up again and the care that has been postponed during the crisis still needs to be made up for.

The burden on healthcare professionals however remains high whilst their capacity is perhaps decreased due to the long-term overburdening caused by previous heavy workloads. The relaxation of the Government’s COVID measures could also lead to a second peak in ICU’s and the post COVID time will still put a lot of pressure on the health care workers.

Even in Post COVID times we will still need to ask a lot of our health care workers, there is no time for them to catch their breath, they will continue to have a heavy work load as they catch up on the backlog of the regular patient care.

Sustainable employability of healthcare employees is crucial in all times.

Recovery for health professionals
Long-term night and irregular shift work is associated with an increased risk of certain cancers, as well as metabolic problems, heart disease, ulcers, gastrointestinal problems and obesity.

It is important to have a short break before, during or after your working shift. Being able to relax and recover is necessary to retain emotional and physical resilience. A short break or power nap at work offers you the possibility to counteract fatigue, reset your brain and restore your energy level. It is a very effective intervention for ‘Staying fit at night’ projects at hospitals.

Intervention tool
The VITA Sentation power nap chairs are a powerful support to the vitality and sustainable employability of health care workers. The power nap chairs facilitate a quick recovery at work. They have become true must haves within vitality and well being projects at healthcare institutions.

The power nap chairs offer relaxation and recovery and have a perfect power nap position, also called the heart balance position. The chairs are solid, hygienic in use and are low maintenance.  A recovery moment in a VITA Sentation power nap chair will boost your energy levels, improve your productivity, your concentration and make you more alert.

There are two VITA Sentation chair models: the LUXURY and the LOUNGER.

A structural solution
The Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a true sense of urgent awareness regarding long term employability for staff. Facilitation of a “recovery moment” during work is an essential part of a policy aimed at long term employability.

Our approach to facilitate recovery is not by applying a “quick fix”. We are happy to help and we use an integrated approach. We make sure that we fully understand the different demands within the targeted user group.

Workshops and support
Also, we provide workshops and offer support. This consists of both extensive documentation and a “quick start” guide to help people when using the chair. Our expertise and broad approach ensures that the implementation will be successful. We offer adequate solutions, customized to every need for a “fit at night” project.

Solutions that suit the different recovery needs of all staff, this encompasses everything from power nap to re-integration projects. Everybody working in the NHS has a right to have a moment of recovery at work.

For advice and further information
We would be happy to inform you about our power nap chairs, our pre project guidance, support during implementation, and help with setting up nap rooms. Please contact our representative in the UK or contact our head office in The Netherlands.

UK: Maurice Fuller  Tel: 07836 387405 /      Head Office (NL):     Tel: +31 344 571444 /

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