Deep relaxation

The basis for every recovery

Relaxation for professional needs

The special FPS relaxation technolgy has a calming effect on the human body, the autonomic nervous system and the mind. The low-frequency sound waves affect the natural relaxation and recovery mechanisms. Helping to relax deeper, sleep better and recover quicker.

The VITA Sentation power nap chairs can optionally be equipped with FPS technology. FPS technology is not required for a power nap but does offer more benefits. The technique is fully integrated inside the power nap chair. It is invisible and almost inaudible, but the positive effects of the soft sound waves are very effective. The FPS technology is software, so no maintenance required and updates are not needed.

More than just a power nap

Together with care professionals, physiotherapists and sleeptherapists we have developed the FPS relaxation technology. The need for relaxation and recovery varies from one person to another. Not everybody relaxes in the exact same way and not everyone has the same needs.

Customization is needed. For example think of night shift workers, employees who do physically demanding work or employees who experience excessive stress.

For professional use at work
How can you cater for a large group of employees and make sure that they can recover effectively? The VITA Sentation power nap chairs with FPS technology offer multiple ways to relax and recovery.

VITA Sentation therefore offers 12 programmes for different recovery types, such as power napping, general relaxation and activation.

Special recovery profiles

By offering different recovery profiles you can facilitate a large group of people.
Every VITA Sentation power nap chair with FPS technology offers five recovery profiles. The profiles include elements of sleep, mindfulness, energizers and massage.

  1. Power nap
  2. Rest
  3. Empowerment
  4. Physical focus
  5. Wellbeing

The duration of each program varies from 10 to 30 minutes. From a quick power nap of 12 minutes to a full body massage of 30 minutes.

In all, there are 12 different recovery programmes for multiple purposes. Such as intervention for night shifts or irregular shift, for vitality during the day, for physical pains in the neck, shoulders or lower back and for reintegration-projects.

The power nap chairs with FPS relaxation technology are a powerful support to vitality and sustainable employability. The two models VITA Sentation LUXURY and VITA Sentation LOUNGER can be equipped with FPS technology.


Research led by Prof. Dr Oliver Wilder-Smith at the Dutch Donders Institute (affiliated to the Radboud University Medical Centre) showed the positive effects of the FPS relaxation technology.

In 2018 the Technical University in Delft completed research for the relaxation effects of the VITA Sentation chair with aviation passengers at The Hague Airport.  Both researches show positive results.