FPS technology

FPS technology provides additional support for relaxation and recovery.

The relaxation technology is based on low-frequency sound waves. Special software sends low sound frequencies between 20 and 100Hz from an amplifier in smooth movements to special impulse speakers. These convert the received sound into soft vibrations. These vibrations stimulate muscle groups and circulation.

Due to the variation in frequencies, pulsation and circulation, specific work is done on: Stimulating blood circulation, reducing muscle tension and reducing agitation and stress.

Powernapstoel met FPS ontspanningstechnologie

VITA Sentation chairs are equipped with FPS, an innovative technology based on low-frequency sound waves.

For relaxation and activation

Relaxation programs

The relaxing recovery programs have been developed to allow you to relax more deeply in a short time. They reduce muscle tension, lower the heart rate and give the body a rest. Ideal for a power nap or a moment of rest without having to sleep.

Pilot study FPS relaxation technology

By Prof.dr. Wilder-Smith, formerly professor of Pain & Nociception at the Radboud in Nijmegen (in the Netherlands) conducted a small pilot study in February 2014 into the relaxation effect of FPS. The results show significant differences in the degree of relaxation. A 20-minute FPS relaxation program proved to be sufficient to achieve a deeper form of relaxation.

Activating Programs

There are also recovery programs with a more activating effect. These have a different relaxation character and are used as energizers. They have a more stimulating effect and can also be used specifically for muscle stiffness, tired legs and back complaints.

Curious about some FPS relaxation technology can do for you?

Inquire about the possibilities
FPS Relaxation techology

Extra support in recovery

Power nap

Quick fix in case of energy dip or fatigue.

Mindfull body

Relaxation and stimulation of the whole body.


Energetic charge for vigorous exercise.

Physical focus

Targeted energizers for physical needs.


Relaxation and wellness for the whole body

At work

Recovery options help employees to avoid stress symptoms caused by work to decrease. A micro-pause ensures that performance is delivered with more concentration and energy. Employees are more creative, productive and enjoy their work more.

Good for ‘work performance’ and ‘wellbeing at work’, but also suitable for ‘Fit through the night’ projects.

Facilitating recovery with VITA Sentation concepts with FPS offers tailor-made solutions for employees. Use it as a prevention and intervention tool and implement it structurally in the DNA of the organization.

In sports

Extra recovery with FPS relaxation technology increases an athlete’s performance.
VITA Sentation concepts with FPS keep the athlete vital and energetic.

Recovery strategies can be more individualized using FPS relaxation technology to prevent performance degradation and the risk of injury, illness and overtraining.

With the right focus on the individual need for recovery and relaxation, an athlete can ‘control’ his or her recovery with FPS recovery programs.


Reintegration in the workplace is a difficult process. This should be done very carefully and step by step. It is important to ensure that the energy burden in this process is not too great. The employee must regain confidence in the work and his abilities.

VITA Sentation concepts with FPS can be used as an additional tool in the reintegration process.

Facilitating a recovery moment with FPS offers space and tranquility to relax and recover. The employee then goes home with more energy and more confidence.