Newas supports employers in maintaining and improving the vitality and sustainable employability of employees. We advise and facilitate in relaxation and recovery at work.

From A to Z
Newas prefers to tackle projects from A to Z. Which components are included exactly, depends on the need. Taking a break at work requires a change in behavior and culture. Good cooperation and sufficient attention are therefore essential.

We make a problem or risk analysis and investigate the specific needs. We then look with future users at which relaxation concept suits them best, train the internal ambassadors and support the implementation with workshops and communication.

We are convinced that with the right tools and interventions, excessive tension and fatigue can be reduced and the quality of life in general can be improved.

Tailor made solutions

Vital and fit for everyone

It is essential to be equipped, vitally strong and energetic to perform well. Whether it concerns employees in the office, in shifts, in healthcare or (top) athletes. Everyone needs recovery, but the best and fastest way to recover differs. Newas provides customized services in the field of recovery and relaxation.

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Shift work
Awareness of the health risks of night work is increasing, but fatigue is still an underestimated social problem. This requires a professional approach with tailor-made solutions for night shift problems.

Work performance
To perform optimally, a good balance between effort and recovery is required. However, in a rapidly changing society and a 24-hour economy, our recovery time is under considerable pressure.
Boost work performance, facilitate recovery at work and give employees control over their personal recovery.

Fit at night

Night work disrupts your biological clock and therefore your need for recovery is even greater than during the day. Facilitating extra recovery at work is an important intervention for night work.

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Vital during the day

Sufficient recovery during work prevents fatigue and stress from building up too much. A healthy effort-recovery balance improves the mental and physical well-being of employees.

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Take action and put labor recovery on the agenda. Make fatigue negotiable within the organization and improve the well-being and safety of you and your colleagues.

We have developed practical tools for you to increase knowledge about fatigue and recovery at an individual level. And to support the required culture change within departments and organizations.

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