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Work healthier at night

In a changing world with a 24-hour economy, digitization, ageing, automation and energy transition, working at night is inevitable. However, working in irregular shifts entails health risks. Extra attention is needed for this group of employees.

Special care for healthcare workers

The VITA Sentation projects ‘Fit at night’ lead to improvements in work performance, safety and well-being and aim to work healthier at night. It helps employers to improve the vitality and sustainable employability of employees.

Night shift work problem

People who work at night have to deal with a disturbed biological clock. They are active when the body is in sleep mode and vice versa. Working at night takes much more energy than during the day.

A disruption of your biological clock can lead to impaired recovery and digestive problems, but it also gives an increased risk of diabetes mellitus (type 2) and cardiovascular disease.

Lack of recovery

Moreover, sleeping problems (shortened sleep duration, poorer sleep quality and fatigue) are one and a half to two times more common among night workers than among people who work during the day.

Fatigue in the workplace not only affects the well-being of employees, but also safety. This requires a professional approach with customized power nap solutions for recovery at work.

What do you do when tired?

Give yourself a moment of rest

Often you cannot properly assess how tired you actually are and you usually notice it too late.

The effects of fatigue can lead to errors at work, but there is also danger if you participate in traffic after your shift tired.

Facilitating short recovery at work is an important intervention for night shift work.

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Customers who chose VITA Sentation

They consciously opted for a professional approach with tailor-made solutions for night shift problems.

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What do our customers say

Consultant Work & Health

Reinier de Graaf Hospital

‘The users of the chairs are extremely enthusiastic. Other departments in our hospital also want to try the powernap chairs. The all want to try the chairs.’

Emergency team leader

Bravis Hospital

‘It’s really nice to take a rest in the powernap chair at night.’

Expert night and shift work

Erasmus Medical Centre

‘We use the VITA Sentation chairs for various projects (including our Perfectfit@night program). All staff of the Erasmus Medical Centre may use them. Not only medical staff.’

Operator Traffic Center

Port of Rotterdam

“I am really relaxed and in sleep in no time. After a twenty-minute program I feel much fitter than before.”

Project support Healthy nights

Jeroen Bosch Hospital

‘The medical staff use the Luxury chairs a  lot at night. The FPS technique helps them to relax better.’

Sport physician and power nap expert


‘The Vita Sentation Luxury is the ultimate powernap chair! It is professional & luxurious.’

Team leader quality care and safety

Radboud University Medical Centre

‘Employees feel noticeably more alert and vital.’

Team Leader Traffic Handling

Harbor master division

‘It is great that we can work together in this way to reduce the impact of heavy services.’

Let's make your night shifts healthier

Take action, start your own Fit at night project and put healthier working in night shifts on the agenda. Make interventions within the organization negotiable and improve the well-being and safety of yourself and your colleagues.

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