Recovery in sports

In top sport, recovery of efforts made is crucial for achieving success. Recovery between training sessions and competitions ensures that athletes can continue to deliver top performance.

Fit for performance

VITA Sentation offers Fit for performance for optimal recovery in sports. Our focus is on the personal recovery needs of top athletes.

Unique relaxation technology

Extra recovery with FPS relaxation technology increases an athlete’s performance capacity. This is how VITA Sentation concepts keep the athlete vital and energetic.

How does FPS technology work?
The importance of recovery

The hard training work of top athletes must always be in proportion to a period of rest and recovery. By training you damage your muscle fibers, recovery is necessary to get stronger again. Performance and progression largely depend on the extent to which you can recover as an athlete.

Sleeping is the best way to let the body recover, but short recovery moments also help. And do you close an eye so easily when you have an important game the next day? Or if you have intensive training or have to travel a lot for sports competitions and suffer from jet lag?

VITA Sentation facilities provide optimal recovery.

For top athletes

With our ‘Fit for performance’ approach, we can offer every athlete a package of personal recovery programs. It is complementary to a healthy sports lifestyle and offers added value for the professional athlete.

Whether you need physical relaxation or mental peace, VITA Sentation offers various forms of recovery for every day.

The application of FPS technology is based on the relaxing effect of low-frequency sound. We have developed unique recovery programs in collaboration with physiotherapists and sports physicians.

FPS recovery technology

Maximum performance

Recovery strategies can be more individualized with the help of special FPS relaxation technology to prevent performance reduction and the risk of injuries, illnesses and overtraining.

With the right focus on the individual needs for recovery and relaxation, FPS recovery programs allow an athlete to ‘control’ his or her recovery.

Improve your performance with FPS relaxation technology.

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Customers who chose VITA Sentation

They consciously opted for our professional approach with tailor-made power nap solutions for top athletes.

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What do our customers say

Consultant Work & Health

Reinier de Graaf Hospital

‘The users of the chairs are extremely enthusiastic. Other departments in our hospital also want to try the powernap chairs. The all want to try the chairs.’

Emergency team leader

Bravis Hospital

‘It’s really nice to take a rest in the powernap chair at night.’

Expert night and shift work

Erasmus Medical Centre

‘We use the VITA Sentation chairs for various projects (including our Perfectfit@night program). All staff of the Erasmus Medical Centre may use them. Not only medical staff.’

Operator Traffic Center

Port of Rotterdam

“I am really relaxed and in sleep in no time. After a twenty-minute program I feel much fitter than before.”

Project support Healthy nights

Jeroen Bosch Hospital

‘The medical staff use the Luxury chairs a  lot at night. The FPS technique helps them to relax better.’

Sport physician and power nap expert


‘The Vita Sentation Luxury is the ultimate powernap chair! It is professional & luxurious.’

Team leader quality care and safety

Radboud University Medical Centre

‘Employees feel noticeably more alert and vital.’

Team Leader Traffic Handling

Harbor master division

‘It is great that we can work together in this way to reduce the impact of heavy services.’

Experience Fit for performance

VITA Sentation has been providing support to various individual athletes and sports teams for years. Fast recovery with FPS technology has become part of their daily routine for them.

We offer professional athletes the opportunity to experience for themselves what ‘Fit for performance’ can do for them.

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