Wellbeing at work

With the increasing digitization of our society and the 24-hour economy, boundaries between private and work are fading. Rest and relaxation have become scarce as a result. While the ‘wellbeing at work’ and the work performance of employees depends on a good balance in work effort and recovery.

Sufficient recovery is a key factor

Facilitating quick recovery at work is not a luxury, but very important to keep employees vital and sustainably employable.

VITA Sentation power nap solutions

Expertise and knowhow

The scarcity of rest and relaxation is increasing for employees. And facilitating recovery at work is often unknown territory within vitality trajectories. Facilitating and successfully implementing recovery at work requires a change in behavior and culture. Knowledge transfer and the creation of awareness are the basis for this.

By facilitating recovery, we support employers in maintaining and improving the vitality and sustainable employability of employees.

Modern employability

Facilitating rest and relaxation offers employers a great opportunity to distinguish themselves in a positive sense and to connect employees more sustainably to the organization.

It is important to facilitate employees in their recovery needs. Retaining autonomy over one’s own recovery is very important and is part of modern employment practices.

With the organization of recovery at work, we focus on a preventive approach for organizations.

What do you do when tired?

Give yourself a moment of rest

Often you cannot properly assess how tired you actually are and you usually notice it too late.

The effects of fatigue can lead to errors at work, but there is also danger if you participate in traffic after a busy day at the office.

Facilitating short recovery at work improves the wellbeing of employess.

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Customers who chose VITA Sentation

They consciously opted for a professional approach with tailor-made power nap solutions for fatigue management.

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What do our customers say

Consultant Work & Health

Reinier de Graaf Hospital

‘The users of the chairs are extremely enthusiastic. Other departments in our hospital also want to try the powernap chairs. The all want to try the chairs.’

Emergency team leader

Bravis Hospital

‘It’s really nice to take a rest in the powernap chair at night.’

Expert night and shift work

Erasmus Medical Centre

‘We use the VITA Sentation chairs for various projects (including our Perfectfit@night program). All staff of the Erasmus Medical Centre may use them. Not only medical staff.’

Operator Traffic Center

Port of Rotterdam

“I am really relaxed and in sleep in no time. After a twenty-minute program I feel much fitter than before.”

Project support Healthy nights

Jeroen Bosch Hospital

‘The medical staff use the Luxury chairs a  lot at night. The FPS technique helps them to relax better.’

Sport physician and power nap expert


‘The Vita Sentation Luxury is the ultimate powernap chair! It is professional & luxurious.’

Team leader quality care and safety

Radboud University Medical Centre

‘Employees feel noticeably more alert and vital.’

Team Leader Traffic Handling

Harbor master division

‘It is great that we can work together in this way to reduce the impact of heavy services.’

Let's improve the wellbeing at your work

Take action and put recovery of labor on the agenda. Make fatigue a subject of discussion within the organization and improve the well-being and work performance of employees.

We have developed practical tools to increase knowledge about the need for recovery and we support the required rest culture by helpen  organizations to change.

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