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Personalize your own chair
A large variety of high quality leathers for the VITA Sentation.

There are infinite possibilities, so pick your favourite colour or choose a combination of colours. An upholstery piece, such as the VITA Sentation power nap chair tends to be high-use. So comfort and durability are the most important. The power nap chairs are solid, hygienic in use and low maintenance.

VITA Sentation power nap chair are only available in high quality leather, but you can choose from a range of 50 colours.

Mono or duo tone colour
The upholstery of the chair consists of two parts, the seat and the base. It is possible to combine two different colours or even two different leather qualities. Due to the large variety in colours over 990 colour combinations can be made. A well-thought-out upholstery choice can lead to a unique piece of furniture.

The VITA Sentation power nap chairs are deliverable in various leather qualities.

VITA smart leather quality
This semi-aniline leather is soft, warm and it has a thickness of 1,4 to 1,6 mm. Lightly printed to show a smooth appearance and to smooth out irregularities.

VITA Style leather quality
Leather with a soft grip, dyed in barrels and with a light aniline cover. Natural and warm colours. The thickness of the leather is 1.2 to 1.4 mm.

VITA Style plus leather quality
This leather type is similar to thee VITA Style, but has thickness of 1,6 mm. Stitching seams become thicker and more round. Due to the suppleness of the leather the upholstery matches the design of the chair.