The VITA Sentation Basic model is an electrically adjustable relax chair. The chair has a modern design and is suitable for power naps.

Thanks to its compactness, the chair takes up little space and fits very well in any room.

The VITA Sentation Basic chair is made of high-quality leather, and you can choose from different types of leather in more than 50 different colours. Whether you opt for trendy green, classic black or taupe, it’s all possible.

The chair is supplied as standard in VITA Smart leather quality.

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Special Features

Features you can't ignore

VITA Sentation Basic powernapstoel poot
Swivel base

The Basic chair has a modern designed swivel base. Allows the chair to rotate 360 ​​degrees. The swivel base is available in stainless steel or matt black.

VITA Sentation Basic powernapstoel is verstelbaar
Electrically adjustable

Three electric motors provide stepless adjustment of the back and leg areas. For optimal comfort, the armrests move with the position of the chair.

VITA Sentation Basic powernapstoel hart-balans stand
Heart Balance Mode

The chair has a so-called heart-balance position. The chair is tilted in such a way that the knees and the heart form an imaginary horizontal line. In this position the heart is minimally loaded and relaxation is maximalaal.

VITA Sentation Basic powernapstoel meebewegende armleuningen
Moving armrests

The armrests provide optimal comfort and move with the position of the chair.

Touch key control panel

A beautiful control panel with four touch buttons is concealed in the side of the chair. This allows the back and leg section to be adjusted steplessly.

Head swing

An extra head swing can be adjusted (manually) in additional positions using a built-in articulation mechanism.

VITA Sentation Basic


The VITA Sentation Basic is made of high-quality leather for a long life. There are three different types of leather to choose from: VITA Smart, VITA Style and VITA Style Plus. The powernap seats are supplied as standard in leather quality VITA Smart.

VITA Smart
Semi-analine leather with a leather thickness of 1.4 to 1.6 mm. The leather is lightly pressed and thus has an even appearance.

VITA Style
Leather with a light analine cover and a soft grip. The leather is dyed through and through. The leather thickness is 1.2 to 1.4 mm.

VITA Style Plus
The leather type is the same as the VITA Style, but has a thickness of 1.6 mm. The stitching is fuller and rounder and accentuates the contours of the chair even more.

The chair frame is made of steel with back webbing and the seat has a zigzag suspension. The backrest and seat of the chair are provided with heavy quality Pantera foam and covered with 200 gr. thermostat.

The chair is equipped with 3 electric motors that are powered by a battery.

Height: 114 cm (upright position)
Width: 71 cm
Length: 84 – 170 cm (sitting / lying position)
Seat depth: 55 cm

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VITA Sentation


  • Ergonomic fixed position
  • Elevated seat
  • Comfortable sitting and lying position
  • Extra weighted model
  • FPS technology (optional)
VITA Sentation


  • Fully electrically adjustable
  • Smart armrests
  • Comfortable sitting and lying position
  • Developed for power nap
  • FPS technology (optional)
VITA Sentation


  • Electrically adjustable
  • Comfortable relax chair
  • Compact in stature