Nap Spacer

The VITA Sentation Nap Spacer is a unique power nap bed. The bed has a very comfortable mattress. The integrated FPS relaxation technology ensures ultimate relaxation and a rested body.

Smart space
The power nap bed is an excellent solution when space is limited. The bed can be folded with a simple hand movement. When folded up, the bed takes up only 1 m2.

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Special features

Features you can't ignore

Smart bed frame

Thanks to the clever bed frame, the power nap bed can be folded out horizontally. This makes it particularly suitable for very small spaces. The folded power nap bed takes up only 0.76 m3 and only 1.8 m2 when unfolded.

FPS technology

The built-in FPS technology offers twelve relaxation programs as standard. The relaxing and activating recovery programs are designed for deep relaxation and rapid recovery.

Steel frame

The bed frame is made of black steel and also has a black mesh bottom. The frame has a cross connection at the head and foot end so that the mattress stays in place.

Sleeping position

The power nap bed offers the possibility to enjoy a recovery moment even when lying on the side. Choose the Nap Spacer if you need a full cycle nap or if there is a very strong preference for lying completely flat.*

VITA Sentation Nap Spacer


The high-quality FPS mattress of the VITA Sentation Nap Spacer is equipped with special Wetcare upholstery.

WetCare is a furniture fabric with specific properties. It is antibacterial, water repellent and flame retardant. This makes it suitable for long-term hygienic use.

The furniture fabric feels like a normal fabric, is breathable and very comfortable. This means that you do not need bed linen to take a power nap.

The WetCare mattress comes in a green colour.

Solid construction
The steel bed frame is very solid and the power nap bed is suitable for every posture.

Tilt function
You can unfold the power nap bed with just one hand movement. The mechanically folding legs adjust automatically as soon as the bed is unfolded horizontally. Thanks to the cross beams at both the head and foot ends, the mattress cannot move and remains stable at all times.

The mattress is fitted with sturdy Velcro fasteners and is therefore stable on the bed frame in any position.

FPS relaxation technique
FPS technology is based on the relaxing effect of low-frequency sound and provides additional support for relaxation and recovery. There are programs for relaxation and activation.

Width: 80 cm
Length: 190 cm
Bed height: 34 cm
Mattress height: 14 cm

* A reclining sleeping position increases the risk of falling in a deep sleep. When you wake up from a deep sleep, your brain is still in sleep mode. For a power nap or a short recovery moment, a power nap chair is preferred.

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Always the best solution

VITA Sentation


  • Ergonomic fixed position
  • Elevated seat
  • Comfortable sitting and lying position
  • Extra weighted model
  • FPS technology (optional)
VITA Sentation


  • Fully electrically adjustable
  • Smart armrests
  • Comfortable sitting and lying position
  • Developed for power nap
  • FPS technology (optional)
VITA Sentation


  • Electrically adjustable
  • Comfortable relax chair
  • Compact in stature