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Vitality and sustainable employability prioritized.

The vitality and sustainable employability is under even more pressure these days. With our ‘Vital during the day’ and ‘Fit through the night’ projects we put the need for prevention and intervention on the agenda.

A recovery moment is a particularly effective means of doing this. But how to facilitate recovery at work?

We would be happy to tell you more about our approach and projects. Or take a look at our references on the website.


Radboud UMC

Fit at night
The IC department of the Radboudumc uses a package of interventions. In addition to healthy nutrition, flexible scheduling and light therapy, taking a moment of recovery is much appreciated.

Separate rest area
Four separate areas in the IC department have been furnished with a VITA Sentation power nap chair. In this way, the nurses and doctors have the peace and privacy to withdraw for a while in the event of an energy dip or when they need rest to relax and recover.

VITA Sentation
The Luxury seats are very comfortable, electrically adjustable and indispensable for the night shift. The chairs are equipped with FPS relaxation technology and are used for both mental and physical recovery.

Port of Rotterdam

The employees of the traffic control center, the VTS operators, keep an eye on the port area day and night. The VTS operators must continuously perform strenuous work during every shift (day and night) and remain alert at all times. It is essential that they are rested, vitally strong and energetic.

Recovery room
A special rest area is furnished with a VITA Sentation powernap chair, model Luxury with FPS technology.

Prevention and Recovery
A recovery moment is used as a preventive measure and is an important tool for recovery and stress management.

Erasmus MC

Perfectfit @ night

Around 5000 employees work night shifts at Erasmus MC. The project offers help and support to get through the night fit.

Facilitate Recovery
The largest university medical center in the Netherlands offers its employees the opportunity to take a moment of recovery. The employees can use the special Luxury powernap seats including FPS to give substance to their personal recovery.

Close cooperation
In close collaboration with the health and safety service, Newas has fleshed out the ‘Recovery at work’ component within the project Perfectfit@night.


What do our customers say

Consultant Work & Health

Reinier de Graaf Hospital

‘The users of the chairs are extremely enthusiastic. Other departments in our hospital also want to try the powernap chairs. The all want to try the chairs.’

Emergency team leader

Bravis Hospital

‘It’s really nice to take a rest in the powernap chair at night.’

Expert night and shift work

Erasmus Medical Centre

‘We use the VITA Sentation chairs for various projects (including our Perfectfit@night program). All staff of the Erasmus Medical Centre may use them. Not only medical staff.’

Operator Traffic Center

Port of Rotterdam

“I am really relaxed and in sleep in no time. After a twenty-minute program I feel much fitter than before.”

Project support Healthy nights

Jeroen Bosch Hospital

‘The medical staff use the Luxury chairs a  lot at night. The FPS technique helps them to relax better.’

Sport physician and power nap expert


‘The Vita Sentation Luxury is the ultimate powernap chair! It is professional & luxurious.’

Team leader quality care and safety

Radboud University Medical Centre

‘Employees feel noticeably more alert and vital.’

Team Leader Traffic Handling

Harbor master division

‘It is great that we can work together in this way to reduce the impact of heavy services.’

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