VITA Sentation

VITA Sentation is a premium brand in power nap and recovery solutions for work environment and sport. The VITA Sentation products facilitate quick recovery and deep relaxation. The power nap chairs and power nap beds have become true must-haves for vitality and sustainable employability projects.

Specialist in powernap en herstel FPS technologie als ondersteuning
VITA Sentation

Sustainable quality

All brand products are produced in The Netherlands with the best craftsmanship. An accurate, manual, production process and the use of high-quality materials result in the durable high quality of VITA Sentation products.

VITA Sentation design

The designs are elegant, modern and exceptionally comfortable. The concepts are specially designed for recovery and the bar is set high. The Luxury power nap chair has acquired a unique status in a short time: the Luxury is the standard for optimal recovery.

Vitality and sustainable employability

Our focus and expertise

Tailor made solutions
Relaxation is very personal for everyone. We have a clear focus on individual needs and offer various recovery options.


FPS relaxation technology
FPS technology provides additional support for deep relaxation and effective recovery.

Shift work
Special attention to night work. Our ‘Fit through the night’ projects offer tailor-made solutions for fatique management for night shifts.

Well-being and performance
With a clear focus on the well-being of all employees. Recovery with VITA Sentation fits in to a holistic approach.

The company behind the brand


Our know-how in recovery and relaxation, our expert guidance and tailored solutions make us your partner for recovery facilities, fatigue management and vitality projects.

VITA Sentation for your organization

Implement prevention and recovery structurally in the DNA of the organization. And use the VITA Sentation powernap concepts for a better work performance, guarantee sustainable employability and keep employees and athletes vital.

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At work and in sports

Sufficient recovery time is required

Recovery is a powerful source of energy that is needed not only at home, but also at work. It is an important buffer against work stress and failure due to overload.

Facilitating a break by employers improves the work performance and the mental and physical well-being of employees. The VITA Sentation custom solutions are available for employers and employees.

In (top) sports, recovery of efforts made is crucial for achieving success. Recovery between training and competitions ensures that athletes can continue to deliver top performance.

Extra recovery keeps the athlete vital and energetic. The VITA Sentation concepts with FPS relaxation technology offer the athlete extra support in their recovery. For example, there are recovery programs for specific physical needs.

Rest is a workplace safety requirement

Rest is an essential component of working well and working smart. The positive effects of a power nap are often known, but you can also recover without having to sleep or lie down.

With VITA Sentation you offer employees various forms of recovery, whereby they themselves have the opportunity to choose what suits them best.

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What customers say about us

Consultant Work & Health

Reinier de Graaf Hospital

‘The users of the chairs are extremely enthusiastic. Other departments in our hospital also want to try the powernap chairs. The all want to try the chairs.’

Emergency team leader

Bravis Hospital

‘It’s really nice to take a rest in the powernap chair at night.’

Expert night and shift work

Erasmus Medical Centre

‘We use the VITA Sentation chairs for various projects (including our Perfectfit@night program). All staff of the Erasmus Medical Centre may use them. Not only medical staff.’


Awareness of the health risks of working at night is increasing, but fatigue is an underestimated social problem. This requires a professional approach.

We have written a white paper for the healthcare and industry sectors.

The white paper ‘Vital during the day & Fit through the night’ not only contains advice and guidelines for employees, it also offers guidance for management.

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