VITA Sentation present at Venticare live 2021

We will be present at Venticare LIVE on November 2 in the ‘1931 Congress Center’ in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands!

What do you do when you are tired? Do you also need more rest and relaxation at work? Come by and give yourself a moment of rest. Be informed about the possibilities of recovery at work and try out a power nap chair for yourself. Experience the operation of the  FPS ontspanningstechnologie.

The VITA Sentation power nap concepts offer healthcare workers a moment of recovery during the night. Our Fit through the nights projects are already being used at many hospitals in the Netherlands. For example at: Radboudumc, Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Erasmus MC, OLVG, Reinier de Graaf hospital and the Wilhelmina children’s hospital. For more references, check our reference projects.