Wilhelmina children’s hospital makes night work healthier

The Wilhelmina children’s hospital in Utrecht pays extra attention to healthy working at night. The Children’s Intensive Care Department facilitates a power nap or rest moment at work.

At the beginning of this year, the University Medical Centre in Utrecht launched a campaign for healthy working at night. As part of this program we gave an extensive presentation on location on the subject of recovery and relaxation in the workplace. Our special attention was paid to power nap as an intervention for night shifts.

The Intensive Care Unit of the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital has purchased a VITA Sentation power nap chair. She offers her nurses and doctors the opportunity to take a recovery moment or take a power nap as needed. The powernap chair has been received with great enthusiasm.

Pilots have also been started in other departments to allow more employees to try out the powernap chairs.

Health risks night work

People who work at night have a different day-night rhythm. They are active when it is time to sleep according to their biorhythm. This can cause health problems. Interventions are needed to reduce the risks of health problems as much as possible.

A power nap is a good intervention

Facilitating a power nap or recovery moment at work is an important intervention and helps night workers to relax and recover quickly in the event of fatigue or reduced alertness.

Would you like to know more about our approach and customized solutions?

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The broad usability of the VITA Sentation power nap chairs ensures a broad support base and offers customized recovery as a structural solution. There are powernap chairs in Radboud University Medical Centre, ADRZ Hospital, Utrecht University Medical Centre, VU Medical Centre, Bravis Hospital and OLVG Hospital in Amsterdam, among others.