We are at the WorkPlace Xperience 2024

The annual WorkPlace Xperience is the place to meet to gather knowledge and see the latest innovations in the field of workplace. 

It is the premier event for all professionals from the fields of Human Capital, Workplace Management and Real Estate to meet and inspire each other. Newas, the company behind the VitaSensation concepts will once more be at the WorkPlace Xperience.

Come and share information and knowledge kennis delen

Together with a number of other knowledge-partners we are attending the WorkPlace Xperience 2024. Come and charge knowledge regarding the subject Healthy and sustainable workplace in the future.

The two days of the Xperience will be all about hearing, seeing, experiencing, meeting, sharing and doing. Be blown away by the latest innovations and projects. Find out how you can create a healthy and sustainable workplace. Discover the VITA Sentation facilities, learn how they improve the health and the wellbeing of the employees.

Over 1.500 professionals attend

Last year’s WorkPlace Xperience edition was visited by over 1.500 professionals. This made the event an excellent meeting place for Vitalitymanagers, Human Resource managers, Real Estate Managers, Chief Happiness Officers, CEO’s, Facility Managers, Mobility managers and Housing managers.

WorkPLace Xperience 2023

Program filled with inspiration

Currently, WorkPlace Xperience is finalising the two day programme for the event.  It will be a two-day event, featuring many inspiring keynotes, debate sessions, pitches and awards, divided amongst 4 stages. The full details for the event and per day will be updated here.

Knowledge partner Newas

Newas is a proud partner of Smart Work Place, the knowledge-platform. Our core business is to offer tailor-made solutions for rest and recovery both at work and in sports, a growing need. Rest and recovery are issues that have to be adressed in any healthy workspace.

With our own label VITA Sentation, we offer facilities for recovery at work and in (professional) sports-environments. Our broad productrange offers exclusive powernapsolutions, including chairs, –beds and -matrasses. Users can fully adjust their recoverymoment to their own needs and preferences, thanks to the integrated FPS-relaxationtechnology we have incorporated into our productline. This makes recovery so much more than “just” powernapping. Our presence at events like WorkPlace Xperience is a natural fit.

Innovation Hub

We would love for you to visit us at our  NewasInnovation Hub. There, you can experience our innovative FPS relaxation technology for yourself.

Get acquainted with this technological innovation, the revolutionary design-philosophies, our extensive serviceconcepts and our sustainable products. Apart from that, there is ample opportunity to exchange knowledge about current and upcoming projects.

Health and good employership

Are health and good employership high on your agenda and prioritylist? Join us as soon as possible to take the step towards a sustainable, healthy and happy work for the (near) future!

Join us for the WorkPlace Xperience in the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam.


Van Nelle Factory Rotterdam
Van Nelleweg 1
3044 BC Rotterdam

Looking forward to meeting you April 16th and 17th at our Innovation Hub!